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Today, on Tuesday 8th of November, we packed our backpacks and started a new exciting journey towards Southeast Asia. Unlike the previous trips, this time we might actually stay for longer period of time and try to find a place for a home. I began writing this post at the altitude of 11 kilometers during heavy turbulence on our first Qatar Airways flight of two towards Bangkok.

On our way to Bangkok

We began our journey from Helsinki around 10am with a Qatar Airways flight towards Doha, Qatar where we should have had three hours stay before boarding to the plane for Bangkok. Unfortunately, there was quite a bad windy weather together with a minor snow blizzard in Helsinki. Due to weather conditions, the flight was delayed for about an hour meaning we don’t have that long stay in Doha. That might be an acceptable matter though if we just have enough time to use a bathroom between the flights.

Stopover in Doha, Qatar

Snowing in Helsinki Airport

After six hours of flight, we landed safely at Hamid International Airport in Doha. There haven’t been this much turbulence during the journey for a long time as far as I remember. Anyway, everything went well enough and nothing dropped down from the hand luggage compartments above the seats either. We found comfortable chairs from the airport where we could lay low for a while before heading to the second flight towards Bangkok. The next flight took around six hours like the first one so traveling on the plane wasn’t going to be that exhausting this time. Altogether our traveling time from Helsinki to Bangkok was 16 hours.

After 24 hours of traveling in Bangkok

Now, at the morning of Thursday 10th of November, we are safely in the MHC-guesthouse in downtown Bangkok and trying to wake up early in order to beat the jetlag. The weather is rainy and the temperature is cool enough, under 30 degrees, so it’s not that sweaty to walk around the town. When we reached Bangkok yesterday morning, we took a way too long, four-hour nap before grabbing something to eat. It has to be mentioned at this point that the meals and service in Qatar Airways were excellent so big compliment for the airline about not getting hungry at the first thing after the flight!

Lunch provided by Qatar Airways

During the day we visited Terminal 21 shopping mall and rode with a Khlong boat along the canals. We ate also the best Pad Thai in Bangkok at Thip Samai restaurant. Thip Samai restaurant was a great pick from some article saw online and it was definitely worth the hype. You can check more about Thip Samai restaurant as well as rest of our day from the pictures in this article.

Thip Samai restaurant in Bangkok

Khlong Boat in Bangkok Canal

Our plan was to go to Chiang Mai with a night train on Friday evening. It appears to be so popular that every train until Monday is full. Luckily there are nice and comfy night buses going to the same direction as well so we should get to Chiang Mai on Saturday morning according to our plan. There is going to be a sky lantern festival in Chiang Mai called Yi Peng starting on Sunday 13th of November. That might be the reason why all trains are fully booked. If we manage to get there on time, I’ll share stories and pictures about the festival for your pleasure as well.

The new journey has now begun!

Here are some pictures for your pleasure:


Getting to Chiang Mai