The most popular tourist attractive in Malaysia, Paradise Island Langkawi, has been just as amazing as we have been thought in the first place. We arrived at the biggest island of altogether a group of 104 Langkawi islands around 4.30 pm on Monday 16th of January. First, before getting to Langkawi, we had taken a ferry from the picturesque digital island Penang to Butterworth. Furthermore, we continued from Butterworth Bus Terminal to Kuala Perlis with two and half hour bus trip. Finally, we jumped on the ferry at Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal at 3 pm in order to get to the Langkawi. The ferry from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi took one and half hour and cost RM18 ($4) per person.

Welcome to Langkawi!

Because there is no bus transportation in Langkawi, we were forced to grab a taxi at the Kuah Ferry Terminal. Kuah is the city center of Paradise Island Langkawi and we had booked our accommodation, Best Seven Motel, near the city center via Best Seven Motel was only a couple of kilometers away from the terminal so the taxi fare was reasonably low – RM14 ($3.15). We prefer to use buses every time when it’s possible. You can feel the atmosphere and way locals live their everyday lives.

Since we have had dinner at the food court of Kuah Ferry Terminal, we didn’t have to go and seek a restaurant anymore in the evening. We just grabbed some little snacks from the 7-Eleven nearby and dived into our bed.

First day in Paradise Island Langkawi

Eagle Square in Kuah, Langkawi

On Tuesday we decided to keep a full working day from 8 am to 4 pm. The internet here in Best Seven Motel is very fast enabling us to release all the effort towards location independent online working. After a productive but exhausting business day, I took a two-hour and 10 kilometers walk to the Kuah city in order to perceive the surrounding areas better. I have to admit that there aren’t a lot to see if you compare, for example, to Georgetown city center. There are few duty-free shopping malls (yes, there are no taxes in Langkawi) and restaurants in Kuah.

All the main spots and sight-seeing targets are either in the other parts of the island or near the countless beaches in Langkawi. Unfortunately, neither of those places didn’t locate near us. Because of that, we decided to rent a scooter during the Tuesday evening and start exploring the island first thing in the Wednesday morning.

Early wake up on Wednesday

I woke up 6.30 am on Wednesday morning in order to get some work done before departing to the best tourist attraction in Paradise Island Langkawi. The number one and three things to see in Langkawi according to TripAdvisor are Langkawi Cable Car and Langkawi Sky Bridge. Having said that, we pointed our scooter’s direction towards Panorama Langkawi Sky Park at 8.30 am.

View from Langkawi Cable Car

It is always a wise move to go to the popular tourist attraction as early as possible. In that way, you can avoid the huge human mass and mile-long queues which build up there – every time. Langkawi Cable Car opens at 9.15 am and we arrived there at 9.15 am. We saw barely anybody there and just walked straight into the cable car. Okay, there was ticket vendors and a photographer who took a picture of us just before entering the cable car. Ticket cost RM55 ($12.30) per person and it includes many other spots within the Panorama Langkawi Sky Park.

Wonderful thrill at Panorama Langkawi

Since there wasn’t any line before entering the Langkawi Cable Car, we didn’t have any time to prepare for the ride. That’s why we suddenly realized we are riding up towards the 750 meters high mountain. It was quite a windy day as well which didn’t help the beginning of the cable car trip at all. We got amazing pictures and videos during the way up. Just before the cable car reaches the middle station (there are two rides with the cable car – to middle station and from there to end station), the journey changes from scary to horribly scary. The ride becomes the 2nd steepest cable car ride in the world – with 42 degrees of the gradient.

Panoramic view from Langkawi Sky Bridge

That’s was just purely unbelievable experience!

The second leg of the cable car ride is steadier than the first part. It goes from the middle station to end station. You can take wonderful pics from the SkyBridge which is waiting for you at the end station. Langkawi Sky Bridge has been built in the year of 2004 and it is locating 660 meters above sea-level. For some reason, I felt more uncomfortable during the cable car ride than when walking on the bridge.

The wife felt the totally opposite way.

We walked the 132 meters long bridge one time from end to end and took pictures all the time. We both agreed that this whole experience with Langkawi Cable Car ride and walking on the Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the coolest things we have ever experienced! If you are traveling to Malaysia, we can most certainly recommend visiting this beautiful island in the Northwest Malaysia.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

We spend roughly one hour just wandering the landscape at the top of the 750 meters high Gunung Mat Chinchang – mountain. And when you have gone up, you must come down at some point. Having said that, we would get to enjoy again with the astonishing ride of Langkawi Cable Car back to sea-level.

Langkawi Cable Car ride back to the sea-level

At 3D Art Museum in Langkawi SkyPark

After the fantastic time in Langkawi Sky Bridge and Langkawi Cable Car, we had three more places to go with our tickets. The places which included in the entrance fee of Langkawi Cable Car were 3D Art Museum, Sky Dome, and Sky Rex.

3D Art Museum was actually on number four spot on things to see in Paradise Island Langkawi so that was a nice surprise for us. Even though we had visited in 3D Art Museum in Chiang Mai back in Spring 2016, it’s still great to see those wonderful, eye-twisting paintings. There was also a 3D show beginning just when we arrived in the museum.

Sky Dome and Sky Rex weren’t as fascinating as the 3D Art Museum. In the Sky Dome they showed a space-related 3D roller coaster experience whereas there was a similar show going on in Sky Rex too – but regarding dinosaurs.

Before getting to lunch, I just ought to try the F1 Simulator in the Panorama Langkawi Sky Park. Even though we starving at that time since I have been a huge Formula One fan since a young boy back in the late 90s in Finland cheering for double world champion Mika Hakkinen. Because of that, and Kimi Raikkonen nowadays, I needed to drive the simulator. As a matter of fact, I have to admit the experience wasn’t within the technological standards of 2017. I’m confident that their equipment has been there at least couple of years already. Unfortunately, the simulator practice wasn’t as intriguing as I could have wished for.

After amazing Panorama Langkawi to Pantai Cenang Beach

Beautiful coastline of Langkawi

We drove to Pantai Cenang beach to have a lunch in Nasi Tomato Indian restaurant after the wonderful half-day in Panorama Langkawi. The sun was heating heavily in the afternoon. After the lunch, we drove quickly back to the guesthouse. Unfortunately, we still suffered dehydration during the evening.

Thursday and Friday were pretty unstable from the weather’s point of view. That’s why we thought it’s better to stay put and work instead of getting wet. We had plenty of time to take another day for driving.

Another scooter trip in Paradise Island Langkawi

View from Gunung Raya – mountain in Langkawi

After rainy 48 hours, Saturday was finally a sunny day. We booked a scooter again from the Best Seven Motel for one day. This time our destination was the highest point at Langkawi – Gunung Raya peak at 881 meters. We departed to Gunung Raya at 9.30 am. Since we had to ride up to almost 15 km of road, we didn’t start the day too early. It got a bit chilly up there and cold wind didn’t help it at all. Okay, it was still around 25 degrees Celsius so you can handle it with shorts and t-shirts on.

You can see whole Langkawi when driving up towards the peak. The road goes full 360 degrees around the mountain making it nice to take amazing landscape pictures. Gunung Raya suffers a lot since it is locating in the same island as the mind-blowing the Panorama Langkawi. After that, driving up to the mountain doesn’t feel as exciting as the all time rising and wobbly cable car.

We continued our motorbike Saturday to the Tanjung Rhu Beach.

Many people had praised its beautiful, white sandy beaches – definitely for a reason. We had a quick lunch there but didn’t go for a swim because of a minor accident.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

During our visit at Gunung Raya, I got a leech sticking its nose into my foot. It managed to suck some blood from my instep before I even noticed it. It didn’t hurt but still, it left quite of a mark from itself. I just didn’t feel like swimming after disinfecting and putting a plaster on it.

After wonderful Malaysia to another island in Thailand

In conclusion, Langkawi is a really beautiful island near Thai border. You should definitely visit there if you’re planning to go to Malaysia from Thailand or vice versa. We have enjoyed Malaysia almost three weeks now but it’s time to go back to Thailand. We will visit briefly Hat Yai and Krabi before going to the Koh Lanta in order to spend 10 days with my brother. Let’s just hope all the flooding have been dried up when we are driving to Krabi.

I will share you our time in Southern Thailand during the following posts.

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