Our journey towards Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia began with one day stop in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC). The day started with a misunderstanding about the pickup date in Mui Ne Beach. The company we booked the private car from had some strange thought that we needed the car for Friday 6th of January. When we were booking the trip, we clearly stated and showed from the calendar to pick us up on Tuesday 4th at 6 am. Obviously, I made a mistake too and didn’t double check the receipt in order to confirm the date they had written.

Panoramic view of sunrise at Mui Ne Beach

Our Ride from Mui Ne to Saigon didn’t arrive

Anyway when we were waiting for the car in the dawn of Tuesday and it didn’t arrive on time, we woke the host of our guest house up. With blurry eyes, he was ready to help us and called to the number found on our receipt. After second try he got a reply and manage to get this same private car to get us at 8 am. With all that being said, we had only wait two extra hours which we gladly capitalized by working. Around 8.30am we were on our way to Saigon after picking in-laws up from their resort.

Our ride from Mui Ne to Saigon

Road Trip from Mui Ne to Saigon before heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The journey from Mui Ne to Saigon went well with one bathroom stop. We had a big, spacious SUV with a good driver and arrived at Saigon around 12.30 am. That left us approximately 8 hours to explore Saigon itself. Even though we had visited there many times before, the in-laws hadn’t. Having said that we visited in a couple of the most famous attractions such as Notre Dame cathedral, Ben Thanh Market, and Bui Vien street. In addition, we went to Central Post Office in order to send greeting cards from Vietnam to our close friends and family.

A fairly long day in Saigon

When the sunset came around 6 pm, we began to be quite of exhausted as well. We found an affordable place for a massage. It cost around $5 per person which felt like a great idea at that time. With that being said, we kind of forgot the level of massage in Vietnam comparing for example Thailand. Only one of our four people receives an acceptable massage. For me, the massage lasted only 45 minutes even though their sign promised it would take one hour. Furthermore, the masseuse had nerves to demand a tip for poor performance including countless of distractions and pauses. Because we were so tired at that time as well, we stormed out of the place. We grabbed a taxi back to our hotel afterward.

Our hotel was close to the airport since we had early morning flights to be caught: In-laws back to Finland at 9.15 am and us to Kuala Lumpur at 9.30 am.

The night before the flight was horrible, at least in our room.

Local motorbike driver in Saigon

My wife began to vomit heavily around midnight and it lasted approximately three hours. We had only one meal in Hard Rock Cafe during our stay in Saigon. During the lunch, the wife said the beef steak between the burger wasn’t as well done like we asked. That might have triggered the food poisoning symptoms.

Since we had to wake up at 5 am and get to the airport one hour later, the whole night was difficult for her. It didn’t get much easier at the airport and during the flight considering all the usual time-consuming procedures. Luckily it was only two hours flight from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur.


Wonderful views from Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

After landing Kuala Lumpur airport and getting our backpacks from the belt, it was time to hop on an airport bus towards the city center. Location of Kuala Lumpur International Airport is around 50 kilometers south side of the city so it takes approximately one hour to get there. While there is a possibility to choose airport train as well but it costs five times more than a bus (50 ringgit vs 10 ringgit, $11 vs $2). Furthermore, the train is a bit faster, though, reaching the city in 30 minutes. With a bus, we would get a minivan ride from the Kuala Lumpur KL Sentral station to our guest house near Chinatown. Finally, the minivan ride might include in the train ticket as well but we cannot confirm that.

Finally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Most noteworthy, wife is thankfully healing all the time. Big thanks for that belongs, once again, to the wonderful host of the Submarine guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur. After hearing the issues of wife, he gave us a more spacious room and went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine. It most certainly helped the healing process a lot!

“I Love KL”

Therefore, it is good to mention that before booking a guest house or hotel, we always take a look reviews on TripAdvisor. If the rating of a guest house or restaurant is over 4.5 stars, it is because of a reason. The place will over deliver and keep clients happy at any cost.

Moreover, during the next blog post, I will share you our time during the third visit in Kuala Lumpur. We will also decide the next location soon so stay tuned for updates.

PS. As you might have seen, I still haven’t got any replies from Facebook regarding blocking me using their service. Let’s see how that goes as well in the near future.

Pictures of our journey from Mui Ne to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Saigon:

Our Weekend in KL and Journey to Fusion Island Penang
Happy New Year 2017 from South Vietnam!