Happy New Year 2017 from South Vietnam!

In-laws’ bungalow in Mui Ne

The last week of 2017 began with relaxing days in Mui Ne. We have had a wonderful time here with the in-laws. In addition of that, we have gotten a possibility to spend plenty of time in their gorgeous resort in the west end of Ham Tien Beach. With that being said, we have also taken advantage of that as well. The surrounding areas there are just spectacular: we have access to a private pool in the backyard of their beach bungalow. Furthermore, the sea is just a stone’s throw away enabling us to lay low on the sunbed whenever we want to. Moreover, we can go and have a dip in the ocean from the private beach as well.

We couldn’t have wished for a better way to end this eventful year of 2016.

So let’s take a moment to go through a quick summary of the year 2016. In addition, we can also take a tiny glimpse of what 2017 might bring to our lives.

Panorama view of resort beach

Review of 2016

  • The year began with a trip and ended in a trip.
  • Saw plenty of new wonderful places.
  • A huge step is taken from escaping the rat race.
  • Spent approx 6 months abroad and 6 months in Finland.
  • Reached mainly my goals even though the income level dropped down a bit from 2015 but got the location independent lifestyle started with full speed ahead.
  • First full year as a married couple went pretty well even though we haven’t got our own flat anymore. We do not possess that much stuff anymore so the transformation has begun fairly well.
  • Got new business opportunities started and have a clearer vision what I want to focus on 2017. With that being said, I had to let some current working opportunities to go.

Sights of Mui Ne Fishing Village

Goals for 2017

  • To live at least 9-10 months abroad.
  • Summer in Finland (June-August) and maybe Christmas too.
  • To get more assets (email list, stocks, etc).
  • Keep and maintain current passive income stream (web server clients).
  • To get more passive income streams enabling us to enjoy our lifestyle (e-commerce store).
  • Spend more on paid advertising in order to grow businesses.
  • Work as a freelancer couple hours daily basis in order to provide enough income for living and investing.
  • Stay longer period of times in certain places in order to cut traveling expenses down and get more working done.
  • Spend time with godson and family during summer 2017 before heading back to traveling.
  • Visit Bali, Indonesia and maybe the Philippines.

Now that we have taken a quick look at the summary of the year 2016 and have a minor taste of 2017 as well, we can wrap the two main days of the last week together.

A Half Day Jeep Tour in Mui Ne

Our Vehicle for Half Day Jeep Tour

We had booked a half day jeep tour during the morning of 30th of December for the same afternoon. Tour includes private jeep for four persons and visits in White Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes, Fairy Stream, and Fishing Village.

We saw wonderful places and took amazing pictures during the tour day, especially from the White Sand Dunes. There are a couple of things you should know before going to the White Sand Dunes, though. They will ask you to pay around 1 million dongs for four persons in order to get a ride to the top of the sand dunes. We haggled the cost down to 700 000 dongs which were more than a fair price for the business owners. You have also a choice to walk to the top of the White Sand Dunes – distance there from the main gate is approximately one and a half kilometers.

You should also beware all the moving vehicles such as jeeps, ATVs and SUVs. The hosts are driving like maniacs as well as the first-time tourists around the dunes. We saw at least three close calls in our one-hour visit there.

White Sand Dunes

Quick Visits in Fishing Village and Fairy Stream

Fishing village sightseeing spot is astonishingly beautiful as well. You can take great photos from the hundreds of fishing boats waiting for depart to the night working. 15 minutes stop is good enough since there aren’t plenty of things to do apart from taking pics.

Fairy Stream View

Fairy stream offers a few great canyon pic places too. Because of the stream is quite a tiny and packed of tourist, it wasn’t that wonderful to walk along it. With that being said, my suggestion to you is: Don’t walk all the way to the end since you can grab the best pics after 1 kilometers walk or so. There aren’t much to see at the end of the fairy stream.

After riding from place to another for four hours we decided to skip our last visit of the day, Red Sand Dunes. The reason for that was because according to TripAdvisor the White Sand Dunes is a way better spot from the two Dunes. Furthermore, we began to get quite a tired after sitting in our jeep for a long time and full of sand. Having said all this, it was time to close this wonderful day down with a tasty, Mexican dinner in our regular eatery, The Bar.

There weren’t any fireworks in the New Year’s Eve at Mui Ne Beach.

This huge detail made the night totally different comparing to the Western world. We spent the night at the resort by swimming, drinking, and waiting the possible fire show at midnight which never came. One weird fact in the resort’s New Year’s Eve celebration was that they made the countdown from ten to 1 five minutes before midnight! I double checked the time on my watch and cell phone, and it most certainly was 11.55pm.

Panoramic view of White Sand Dunes

In conclusion of the nomadic year 2016, I want to wish a wonderful Happy New Year 2017 to all of you! Let it be full of safe travels and ultra-fast internet connections in tropical paradises.

The last pictures from the year of 2016, here you go:

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