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So after the hectic first week in Northern Thailand, things began to stable a little by little in North Thailand. During the weekend two of our friends joined us in the town for a couple of days. We took it easy on the weekend and kind of chilled a bit – we thought it was the right time and we completely deserved that.

Cute bookmark made by niece traveling with us

On Friday we visited a swimming pool first time since we left Chiang Mai in March. There is a wonderful, clean pool in a condominium on Huay Kaew road which we fell in love at an instant year ago. Since that, we have been there at least five times, approximately once in a week. After relaxing, swimming and sunbathing for few hours, we grabbed few drinks with the guests back in our accommodation, ZZ House. There was multinational drinking group gathered together around the table in the courtyard. People from Austria, Netherlands, England and of course, Thailand and Finland drank mainly beer together with tasty, local snacks. Great times!

Watching Manchester United game at Downunder Pub

The biggest thing on Saturday was obviously the clash in football’s English Premier League – my favorite team Manchester United versus one of its biggest rivals, Arsenal. The game ended draw which should have been easily won by Man United, at least in my heavy opinion. Before the match, we visited the Night Bazaar in order to find some clothes we didn’t take with us from Finland and to eat some delicious food in International Food Market.

Trying to locate a recycling stand in North Thailand

The weekend ended with a massive operation. The alkaline batteries ran out in my mouse and like a thoughtful person, I asked guidance to recycling. Answers were shocking at least to a Western person like me – throw them to a garbage pin. That’s something I wouldn’t do so I started to find some recycling places online. It appeared to me really quick that recycling hadn’t grown any bigger during the past few years. Ok, of course, I had seen trash and garbage everywhere and knew waste collection wasn’t in the Western standards.

But still, it amazed me to found only one location for hazardous waste near Chiang Mai city center with a quick googling. It was in Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre at Huay Kaew Road and boy, the stand was even more difficult locate within the shopping center – even though I had written some instructions down. After 45 minutes of wandering and countless of guidance asking questions (no-one seemed to know the location of the waste collection place), I accidentally stumbled upon the parking level P3 and voila, there it was. Lucky me and a lucky world of course.

Panorama view of Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

Roadtrip Day with Motorbikes to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai…

First, during the weekend we also decided to keep a road trip day on Monday. We had two location on our minds: First spot in the morning was the Grand Canyon – in Chiang Mai – what did you think?

View from the other side of Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

In addition, Grand Canyon Chiang Mai is located approximately 30 minutes to the southwest of the city and the main purpose in there is to jump from cliff to the lagoon. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, there aren’t too many natural pools, lakes or swimming places overall in Chiang Mai. With that statement, the Grand Canyon was a refreshing exception for that. I had googled some information beforehand so I knew there was a chance to jump 7,5 meters down from the cliff to the lagoon. I was “unfortunately” the only one from our four people group to do the jump. That didn’t matter, though, the only thing that mattered afterward was my left ear which took some damage when landing the water. I think it got hurt because my 80 kilos body dives pretty deep when coming seven and a half meters down. Having said that, I couldn’t handle the pressure in my head at the bottom of the two-meter-deep swimming pool before that jump either.

Finally, the views were amazing in Grand Canyon Chiang Mai and if you’re around somewhere here, you should definitely check it out. There were also an approximately 15 meters high climbing wall in the canyon but for some reason, it wasn’t open to climbers.

…and Wat Phrathat Temple

Wat Thraphat Temple in Doi Suthep

First of all, the second target was Wat Phrathat Temple in Doi Suthep mountain in the afternoon. Its location is on the west side of the town and it takes about half an hour motorbike ride to drive 15 kilometers distance there. In addition, the altitude of Doi Suthep mountain is 1685 meters and temple’s a little over one kilometer. Moreover, the temple area is fabulous and the sights over the city are even greater – even though it gets pretty crowded during the day. In conclusion, it will get quite a chilly very quickly when riding up to the mountain as well. That makes it easy to grab a cough in the back of a windy scooter.

Our 125cc motorbikes handled the day and mountain journey fairly well and it was a wise move to fill the tank up after the Grand Canyon trip.Also, it’s not that easy to find gasoline up in the mountains even though you don’t have to accelerate at all when coming back to the city.

Panoramic View of Chiang Mai from Wat Phrathat Temple

After being few weeks in Chiang Mai, it is time to take a quick weekend trip to Pai. To make sure everything goes well, we will rent a little bit more powerful 150cc motorbike. The reason for taking more efficient motorbike is the distance and all the time changing height differences. Furthermore, those things combined with 762 corners on the way there ensure the case. I will share you the story of our road trip to Pai in the next post. Just keep following our journey here at Flowing Firm!


Pictures for your pleasure:

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