This is a part six of seven step mini blog post course about How to Become a Location Independent. If you haven’t yet checked the first five steps out, I’ll encourage you to do so now. You can find Step 1 of How to Become a Location Independent here.

Step #6: Location Independent Start

In step #6 we will assist you to have a location independent start now and not later. Because if you’re waiting for the better days, you will wait forever. That’s one thing a location independent entrepreneur would never do.

What would be a better way to put this? Just do it. Start changing yourself today. Take a location independent start now! You have all the needed knowledge in order to become a location independent person from this report and online. The only and most important thing is to get ahold of yourself and begin changing your life today. Nobody else will do it for you.

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Don’t procrastinate

Setting goals help you to avoid procrastination

Setting goals help you to avoid procrastination

Ok, you have now decided to begin changing your life towards a location independence start. But after all the excitement and adrenaline, you soon start staring at the laptop screen. You might think what the heck am I going to do next? That’s a pretty normal issue. It’s called procrastination.

You know you should do something. You know you want to do it. Still, there’s something trying to stop you. This little voice inside your head. You are not going to succeed, this voice is saying. Whenever you got this feeling, just come back to this mini course. Any website regarding location independent start and lifestyle will do as well. Just begin reading in order to get a grasp again.

And doing like this, little by little and step by step, the uncertain voice inside your head will quiet down. Remember, it is easy to do and as easy not to do. Do you want to be amongst the 95% not to do it?

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We talked a little bit about balancing business and spare time in step number 5. Routines will be a huge part of that synergy. I’m sure you’ll know by now that when you begin to do something new, it might be very exciting at first, but difficult as well. When you do the same thing the second time, it isn’t going to be as difficult as it was during the first attempt.

First learn the rules then break them

“First learn the rules then break them”

After the third time, the thing might even feel familiar already. During the fourth time, you’ll begin to create a new habit to yourself. And suddenly, just like that, you have created a routine. The whole concept becomes automatic enabling you to begin doing this routine without much of an effort. The new routine can be anything from creating an online business to trying to learn a new hobby. So don’t make creating a routine anymore tougher than it already is. Just do it, one at a time.


There are some great books written for your pleasure as well which will assist you to choose the right path.In addition, they will help you to take control of your own life.

Take a quick look at this recent blog post of ours about Four Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life.

Reading these four books above will definitely raise the odds of your success in order to live your life just the way you want. Furthermore, these books will help you to transform yourself a location independent person.

Just remember to come back and finish this mini blog post course before burying yourself in those books! 🙂

 UPDATE: Step 7 is live! You can find it behind this link.
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