After spending six nights in Koh Lanta, my brother had a wish for the forthcoming first weekend of February. He asked if we could have a weekend break in Phi Phi Islands nearby. Phi Phi Island is famous for its parties in the whole Southeast Asia. We had, of course, discussed this possibility before he joined us in Thailand. But still, I never took his suggestion seriously. I had planned a boat trip to Koh Rok island but suddenly all this changed.

Arriving at Phi Phi Islands

We booked a ferry from Koh Lanta Seladan Pier to Phi Phi Islands on Friday 3rd of February at 1 pm. We decided to leave the return date open. That enabled us to choose whether we wanted to come back to Koh Lanta on Saturday or Sunday. With that being said, we had some extra time in our pockets since both the flight of the brother back to Finland and ours to Chiang Mai departed on Tuesday.

Let the Weekend Break in Phi Phi Islands Begin!

View from Phi Phi Pier

Furthermore, we wanted to have the possibility to choose the return date since we had read plenty of negative-toned reviews about Phi Phi Islands being nothing else than partying. One night might have been enough to me and my wife but since we respected my brother’s wish, we kept all chances open.

The ferry trip from Koh Lanta to Phi Phi Islands took one hour. When you exit the boat to the Phi Phi Pier, you have to first pay the garbage fee 20 baht (s0.57) per person. Apparently, people think that when you pay the amount, you can trash wherever you want.

We hadn’t booked any accommodation from Phi Phi Islands beforehand since the reviews online were, in short, really bad. Having said that, the first thing was to find a proper guest house to stay in. The brother found a potential resort in the middle of Phi Phi village center and we stayed in the Phi Phi Dream guest house just next to it. At this point, it’s an important to mention that Phi Phi Islands are one of the most expensive islands in the whole Thailand. Because of this, it didn’t fit very well in our location independent lifestyle. But we thought we could handle one weekend there…

After getting our backpacks in the guesthouse, we took few hours walk around the island. Since there aren’t any motor vehicles on land, it’s fairly easy to wander around the roads. If you can handle the multitude of people, though.

Visiting at the Phi Phi Viewpoint

When we reached the viewpoint sign at some point of our stroll, we decided to give it a shot. Viewpoint 2 was located only 186 meters above sea-level but nevertheless, the stairs leading there were quite a steep. That made all three of us flooding the sweat even though the Sun began already to set down. Viewpoint was packed with tourists taking pictures and enjoying the views. Since a Muslim family owned the land of the viewpoint, people weren’t allowed to drink alcohol there. What a relief that was for most of the people, including us, and nature as well.

Fireshow on the beach of Phi Phi

Since we came to a well-known party island, we wanted to take a part of the partying too. During the night we drank a couple of booze buckets like thousands of like-minded travelers in the beach clubs of Phi Phi. You have to admit there are plenty of things to do after the sunset. There are tens of beach parties going on until the dawn. Furthermore, various clubs and restaurants offer mainly Western-style foods and drinks as long as you can stay awake. Fortunately, there are some nice Thai restaurants to choose from as well.

We spent almost the whole Saturday morning and afternoon by hanging the poolside of the brother’s resort. Even though we have decided to stay there until Sunday, we almost felt like seeing enough of all the over-hyped atmosphere. We aren’t quitters though so we surrendered to the masses and joined the drinking mode. Since we had stayed up quite a late on Friday, we didn’t have the needed stamina to repeat that on Saturday night. As a matter of fact, we called the night off well before the midnight.

Finally, it’s Sunday on our Weekend Break in Phi Phi Islands 🙂

On Sunday morning, we were more than pleased to get a good night sleep before checking out the guest house. All in all, we have to be satisfied to be able to find Phi Phi Dream guesthouse. Unlike many other accommodations within Phi Phi Island, they didn’t allow any kind of celebration after 8 pm on their premises. That and the surprisingly comfy beds enabled guests to sleep properly in the 1000 baht ($28.50) per day room. Like I mentioned earlier in this article, Phi Phi Islands is one the most expensive locations in the Thailand. Our “affordable” standard room was three times as much as similar rooms in Chiang Mai.

In conclusion, Phi Phi Islands isn’t the place to enjoy a traditional Thai massage. Almost all of the places we saw looked suspicious in the way or another. After searching more information online, we manage to find one place getting positive reviews about being professional. The massage parlor was called Butterfly Thai Massage and we were glad to choose that instead of all the pushy shouts and requests. Since we had four hours between the eleven o’clock check out and the 3 pm ferry departure, we had plenty of time to get a decent foot massage as well as lunch.

Back in Koh Lanta

After ending our weekend break in Phi Phi Islands, we quickly realized that it wasn’t the most suitable location for us. Even my brother agreed with that. With that being said, travelers in their twenties might get more out of the night-long partying and heavy drinking. Since were are a married couple in our thirties, we decided to go Koh Rok Island next time if we would come back to beautiful Koh Lanta. And I’m pretty confident we certainly do.

Back in peaceful Koh Lanta

We stayed two more nights in proven Jetty Place near Seladan Pier, Koh Lanta. Before we had to leave to Krabi in order catch both flights to my brother and us on Wednesday, we had a nice swimming day in Long Beach, Koh Lanta on Monday.

People waiting to get into the ferry

There was one unpleasure surprise, though, when we were getting aboard to the ferry from Koh Lanta to Krabi. The ticket inspector said our tickets to the 11.30 am ferry weren’t suitable. We should have used them to 8 am departure. We were more than nonplussed since we have stated to the ticket vendor, we wanted to take the noon ferry instead of morning one.

The unfriendly inspector didn’t help the situation at all.

The travel company who sold the tickets to us was located one kilometer away so I quickly ran there in order to get things sorted out. Of course, the vendor was having a “lunch break” at that time. We waited for a while in the storefront and luckily for us, the waiter from the restaurant nearby came to assist us. He pointed us to the travel company next door. They gladly switched our boat tickets without cost after explaining our situation. We sincerely hope that the first ticket vendor made the mistake by accident.

Saying farewells to South Thailand for awhile

Unfortunately for us, there weren’t any ferries going tonight Krabi Town anymore so we had to take a ferry to Ao Nang Beach. That didn’t bother us too much since my brother’s flight was at 8 am next morning from Krabi International Airport and ours not until the evening. There was also minivan ride included to the replaced ferry ticket from Ao Nang to Krabi Town. We were just glad to get our trip from Koh Lanta to Krabi to get started and at the same time enjoy the great views of Krabi coastline from the sea.

Panoramic view of Railay Beach in Krabi

After saying goodbyes to my brother on Wednesday morning, we spend the day in Krabi Town. We took a massage, ate a tasty dinner and took a songthaew to the airport at 6.30 pm. Our two months traveling in Vietnam, Malaysia and South Thailand temporarily ended to Chiang Mai where we had stayed one month in November 2016.

What we have planned to do in Chiang Mai this time, you can find out from our forthcoming postings.

Few more pics to come:

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