After taking a ferry + bus combo from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani, we continued to Hua Hin Thailand by night train. The train journey itself was quite a much shorter than we have used to travel. Nevertheless, when you add all three trips together, the day and night) suddenly becomes pretty exhausting.

Enjoying sunrise at Hua Hin Beach

We arrived at Hua Hin Thailand around 5.30 am in the Tuesday morning. We took a quick walk at the beach since the way to our accommodation was almost on the route. Even though we shouldn’t have been able to check in Sunshine Hostel until 2 pm, the kind receptionist let us in immediately. It was a very pleasant surprise and enabled us to do some working before taking a much-needed nap.

There is a large shopping center just next to Sunshine Hostel in Hua Hin Thailand. It has ever so comprehensive food court, as well. Since there don’t exist many restaurants near our guesthouse, we visited several occasions at the food court of Hua Hin Market Village mall.

A bit knowledge about Hua Hin Thailand

Helpful officer in Hua Hin

Furthermore, Sunshine Hostel is located a little bit over kilometer away from Hua Hin city center. If it’s too hot to walk, there is main street just meters away from the front door of the hostel. You can grab a 10 – 20 baht ($0.30 – $0.60) songthaew from the street almost anywhere in the city center area.

After checking the things to do in Hua Hin Thailand out from TripAdvisor, we decided one thing together what we would like to do while staying here. Since we both like very much water parks and haven’t had a chance to visit one yet, we decided to go and have a fun day at Vana Nava Water Jungle.

There are actually two popular water parks in Hua Hin Thailand. We made a quick comparison between them and chose Vana Nava Water Jungle. There seemed to be more activities for grown-ups in Vana Nava than in the other choice, Black Mountains Waterpark. Moreover, Vana Nava is almost double the price (1000 baht vs 600 baht, $28.90 vs $17.35) so we thought we could get more exciting moments for the whole day.

Day at Vana Nava Water Park in Hua Hin Thailand

After grabbing a taxi from Sunshine Hostel to Vana Nava Water Jungle at 9.30 am, we were ready to have some fun. We were so excited that we wanted to take all the extras on top of the ticket price. Having said that, we booked a locker with a towel as well as an all-day buffet including drinks. Now we don’t have to pay for the dining in the water park restaurants separately. All in all our water park day cost 1350 baht ($39) per person.

There are 19 different activities altogether in the Vana Nava Water Park for people all ages. Here in Asia’s first water jungle, you can take a ride in the largest water slide in Thailand – Abyss. Moreover, there are Thailand’s longest water slide as well as the first professional underwater studio in Vana Nava Water Jungle. Finally, you should most definitely try the first vertical looping slide in Thailand – Aqualoop. That was perhaps the only attraction in Vana Nava Water Jungle that made me a bit scary.

You’ll get inside a narrow capsule, wait a monotonic woman sound counting from three, and then… Bam! The floor under you disappears and you’ll slide an intensive fifteen-second journey with up to 60km/h speed towards the rock-hard pool.

As a matter of a fact, I ended up getting the floor vanished under my feet four times…

In addition, I got a jammy surprise when scanning the RFID wristband for a price. Vanadio Studio offered me a five-minute modeling session underwater – for free. Of course, I had to take advantage of that! At this point, it’s good to mention that all visitors entering the water park get a surprise prize. All you have to do is to scan the RFID wristband in one of the several booths within the water park area.

Underwater photo at Vanadio Studio

Final moments in Hua Hin Thailand

Since it was an exhaustingly hot day in Hua Hin Thailand on Wednesday, at least I felt the consequences on Thursday. Even though we have almost been six months in Southeast Asia and exposed ourselves to the scorching Sun many times, my shoulders were still sunburned quite a badly. I added suncream twice during the day in water park but 8 hours of heating daylight is simply just enough.

With all that being said, we took it easy in Hua Hin Thailand on Thursday. We visited at Night Market, walked along the Hua Hin beach, and took a songthaew ride around the city.

Horse riding at Hua Hin Beach

On Friday, we grabbed an afternoon train from Hua Hin to Bangkok. A 3rd class train ticket cost only 44 baht ($1.30) per person.

In addition, some of you readers might remember me writing something about sharing our forthcoming plans with you in the previous blog post. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything specific to share with you, yet. Whenever we’ll get figured out where we are going next, you will be the first to find it out here at

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