This blog post about my bedtime routines is a continuation of the article I posted a week ago. I discussed in that writing about my morning routines before beginning to work.

My bedtime routines are quite a straight forward, to be honest. There is some certain pattern, of course, helping me to get as proper sleep as possible. If something breaks that routine, changes are that sleep doesn’t get the way I’d like and need.

So let’s take a look at what kind of bedtime routines Flowing Firm has.

Bedtime routines before getting to bed

Before getting into bed

Bedtime routines before getting into the bed

There are a couple of bedtime routines I would like to do before getting to the bed.

First of all, it’s very important to get all work-related stuff out of the head at this point. It’s impossible to fall asleep if your mind wanders around with tasks and matters you did during the day. Usually, a tiny anxiety comes with the things you didn’t have time to finish. Those tasks will be done after a relaxing night, trust me.

A workable way for me to clear my mind is to have a five-minute full-body stretching before laying low in the bed. That enables you to have a quiet moment both your mind and body. Furthermore, it prepares you to conclude the day with a short transition period from work mode to sleep mode.

After the stretching session, I’ll brush my teeth, grab some magnesium, and hop into the bed.

Bedtime routines after getting into bed

After getting to the bed

Bedtime routines after getting to the bed

When I’ve pulled the cover over me and buried myself in the cuddly and warm burrow, it’s time to read 10-15 pages of some proven book. I usually read biographies of some successful and inspirational people during the evening. That puts my mind on suitable mood and guides me to dream big and wonderful things.

Now, it’s time for the best part of my bedtime routines. I’ll turn to my wife and give her a long and thoughtful hug together with a passionate kiss. Sometimes when wife necessarily isn’t there yet, she will do the same for me if I’ve managed to fall asleep.

That is to say, I’m a morning person and she is a night owl. Click To Tweet

That makes some differentiation to our daily life but will complete us as well.

Finally, before falling asleep, I’ve turned some relaxing, meditative music on through my headphones. I’ll repeat my short-term and long-term goals inside my mind at this point, too. It doesn’t take many minutes for me to drop asleep in normal circumstances. That means my bedtime routines have been successful, again.

Summary of my bedtime routines

Reading is very relaxing

Reading might be very relaxing!

There are several things which I would like to perform before concluding the day. First, before getting into bed, I will conclude the day by getting all the work-related matters out of my head. In addition, I’ll have a short full-body stretching session, brush my teeth, take a daily magnesium dose, and crawl in the bed.

After getting to the bed, I’ll do a couple of different routines, too. I begin by reading 10-15 minutes of a good book. Then I’ll turn to my wife and give her a hug and a kiss before putting relaxing music on and repeating my goals.

Now, it’s time for sweet dreams. Good night Y’all!

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