After short and cold summer here in Southern Finland, we have luckily had a wonderfully colorful autumn vibes. There have recently been many warm and sunny afternoons. We receive those days with pleasure since it’s irrevocably getting colder and colder as time goes by.

There were only one +25 degrees of Celsius scorching hot day during the warmest month of the year, July. That tells its own story about the summer. Still, we didn’t let that bother us too much since my wife and I have had enough hot days during the past few winters in Southeast Asia.

We managed to get done what we desired. My father borrowed his RV to us in order to keep a long-waited RV-weekend. In addition, we relaxed and spent wonderful time with the closest family members, too.

Seeing some colorful autumn vibes near our hometown

Even though we have lived near our hometown almost every time we come back to Finland, we haven’t done much researching about the attractions nearby. With that being said, there exists plenty of astonishing, untouchable nature site within few kilometers. So we decided to pick some of the best places to see near Salo, Finland during this fall with the help of Visit Salo brochure.

We have already visited in a couple of those nature attractions. Our first place to visit was Vaisakon Lehto. It is located a pretty close of the wife’s home ranch at the Western side of Salo. Therefore it was more than convenient to go there.

Another attraction we have managed to visit is the Ancient Trail of Viitankruunu. This place is located only five minutes away at the south side of Salo.

So we will see how many attractions we are going to visit before winter comes. If the weather stays as great as it’s been for the past few weeks, we definitely try to go and see at least a couple of more these peaceful nature sites.

Have a wonderful fall time where ever you might be!

Here are more colorful autumn vibes for your pleasure:

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