Langkawi is a beautiful, over 100 islands archipelago in the Northwest Malaysia, near Thailand border. There are plenty of things to do in Langkawi. In order to visit this gorgeous place, you have to take a one hour ferry from Kuala Perlis, continental Malaysia. Furthermore, you can always take a more expensive choice and fly there. Here is the article about Top Things to Do in Langkawi for your pleasure.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Close to perfection – Panorama Langkawi

Paradise Island Langkawi

This place just must be in the first place of things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia. Panorama Langkawi is as close to a perfect spot as you can get. It’s not just the walk in the unbelievable Sky Bridge but the ride up there with the steepest cable car ride in the world. That combo itself would leave visitors speechless.

In addition to the visit at the altitude of over 600 meters with a one of the steepest cable car in the world (42 degrees of the gradient), you can also visit 3D Museum, see various multi-dimension video experiences, and enjoy other fascinating activities.

We’re sure there don’t exist many travelers who have been in Langkawi and haven’t at least seen the famous Panorama Langkawi live. Of course, some people might be scared of heights but what would be a better place to beat that fear than this?

Relaxing beaches

Moreover, there are many great beaches in Langkawi. Beaches are in the second place on our list of things to do in Langkawi. You should try to go and see Tanjung Rhu, Cenang, Tengah beaches while being on the island. The sand is so white and clean that it is hard to believe. Furthermore, the views are just amazing with countless of tiny islands on the horizon.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

Captivating mountains

If you have done as we highly recommend, you’ve already visit in one spectacular mountain when taking Sky Cable up to the Sky Bridge in Panorama Langkawi. In addition of that, you can rent a motorbike and drive to another high mountain called Gunung Raya. The peak of Gunung Raya is almost at the altitude of 900 meters. It takes about half an hour to drive there. Moreover, you can see monkeys on the way there as well as taking some stunning pictures from the island.

View from Gunung Raya – mountain in Langkawi

Flowing waterfalls and tiny islands

Finally, you should most definitely visit some of the smaller islands of Langkawi archipelago, too. You can join in one of the countless boat trips and see the most beautiful ones during one day.

Eagle Square in Kuah, Langkawi

Since the humidity in Malaysia is very high, there are beautiful waterfalls as well. Some of them are really astonishing after the raining season of summer.

In conclusion of Things to Do in Langkawi

There are some magnificent things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia. This archipelago of 104 island offers a tropical experience for its visitors. You can see stunning Panorama Langkawi and lay low on wonderful beaches while enjoying your time there. In addition, you can drive up to the Gunung Raya mountain with a scooter and book a boat trip day in order to see some of the smaller islands nearby.

Just make sure you have at least one week to spend in Langkawi. In that way, you’ll have enough time to get the most out of this exceptional location before heading to Thailand for example.

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