After traveling around Southeast Asia for about two months, it was time to come back to Chiang Mai. Our first priority was to find affordable apartments for rent in Chiang Mai. That would enable us to concentrate more on working on our current and new online projects. We began searching the apartment online a couple of days before arriving at Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, I had booked a well-tried guesthouse, ZZ House, for four nights giving us a chance to visit few of the apartment houses on the spot.

Proven Mata apartment in Chiang Mai was fully-booked

We start our journey for finding affordable apartments for rent in Chiang Mai with the assist of Google. I typed keywords “chiang mai rental apartments” and off we go. Google gave us a couple of decent web pages in order to start digging deeper.

Let’s began the search of apartments for rent in Chiang Mai

First, we took a look at a blog It gave us a better picture about the whole process of finding affordable apartments for rent in Chiang Mai. It is always an important factor to find more knowledge about the subject you are interested in. In this case, we instantly found some proven apartments to stay in. With that being said, we got plenty of information about places not to go and have a closer look.

In addition, there was a high ranked site in Google called This website lists hundreds of available rental apartments and condos in the whole Thailand. In order to narrow your search just to Chiang Mai, choose ‘Province’ – tab on the front page and click ‘Apartment in Chiang Mai’ from the Northern – section. At the time of writing this blog post, there are 291 vacant apartment houses and 155 short term rental flats in Chiang Mai for you to choose from.

After clicking ‘Apartment in Chiang Mai’ – link, you will land on a page dedicated solely on Chiang Mai rental apartments. From there you have a chance to browse through all the flats available. Furthermore, you can define your search even more. You can filter the apartment results by monthly or daily rental amount as well as popular areas. For example, there are 34 vacant apartments in 4000 – 8000 baht ($115 – 230) monthly range in Nimmanahaeminda Road. That was our estimated budget for the apartment as well.

Use Facebook groups as an assistance as well

If you are using Facebook, you can also join groups such as ‘Chiang Mai Digital Nomads’ and ask recommendations from there. There are almost 18 000 helpful members at this time and it’s growing all the time. Even though the name of this group refers to the internet side of Chiang Mai, members will usually help you out – if you unveil your matter in a polite and respectful way.

You can do all the previously mentioned things regarding finding affordable apartments for rent in Chiang Mai before your arrival. Even if you have done all the things discussed here, you should rent a room from guesthouse for a couple of days – like we did. That enables you to have a proven location to stay since you should always go and see the apartment by yourself before paying anything to anybody. Having said that, the next matter in our list of finding an affordable rental apartment in Chiang Mai is to ask assistance from the locals.

The most trustful local we knew in Chiang Mai is the owner of ZZ House Chiang Mai, Boyd. He gave us an advice to go and see the flats around the area we would like to move in. After finding a proper one he asked us to call him in order to dodge ‘farang prices’. Farang prices mean that some places might charge more money from foreigners than locals. Since Boyd is a local Thai man, he might get a lower monthly rent for us.

He is just a pure magic guest house owner!

You should try to find your own “Boyd” from the guest house you have booked a room or, for example, a restaurant you prefer to dine in. Furthermore, one of the easiest ways to find a person with local knowledge is the internet, of course. Try to ask help from Facebook groups such as ‘Chiang Mai Digital Nomads’ like we mentioned in this article earlier. Moreover, do not forget local real estate agents either.

Next step is to go and see the promising apartments for rent in Chiang Mai

After finding at least five different apartments for rent in Chiang Mai, you should go and see them. If the apartments are locating in the same neighborhood, you can visit them by walking. Instead, if the flats are all around the city, you should definitely rent a motorbike. You can get one starting from 99 baht ($2.80) per day.

You should take a look at least following matters when finding suitable apartments for rent in Chiang Mai:
  • How much is monthly rent altogether with
    • electricity usage per unit (take a picture of the electric meter before moving in)
    • water usage per unit (take a picture of water meter as well)
    • wifi connection (ask password and check speed with Speedtest)
  • How much is a deposit?
    • You should most definitely make sure you’ll get it back after moving out. We have read and heard scary stories of people not getting back of their deposits which can be as high as 20 000 bahts ($570) for whatever unexplained reasons.
  • Check everything works and are clean such as air conditioning, refrigerator, and water in shower/toilet
  • Check the bed as well and make sure bed sheets, cover and pillow include in the rent
  • Make sure to talk straight with landlord and sign a contract with everything explained clearly
  • Ask help from trusted local if something isn’t clear
  • If at some point something feels shady or weird when looking for a possible apartment, don’t move in. You’ll thank us later

The Dome was a bit over our budget and reviews weren’t that good either – especially about WiFi speed in rooms!

There are many things to be considered when you are finding affordable apartments for rent in Chiang Mai. Usually, everything goes well if you just find the one you want to move in. The above list is made just for your own sake. Apartments for rent in Chiang Mai are generally speaking very safe to move in if you take into account the overall situation in Southeast Asia. Just keep the common sense and our pieces of advice on your mind when looking apartments for rent in Chiang Mai!

Our result of finding apartments for rent in Chiang Mai

Our ultimate outcome was that all the proper places within the budget 4000-8000 bahts were either fully booked until next month or the locations were too far. We found a place to stay with a half-month contract at a time with the help of guesthouse owner. The place isn’t available for the public so you remember to ask help from locals too. Because of the forthcoming burning season (approximately 1st of March till mid-April), we left an option for ourselves to leave Chiang Mai.

All in all, this whole process has been very helpful even though everything was already booked this time. When we come back to Chiang Mai at some point, we don’t have to do this time spending apartment hunting again. And since you read this article, neither have you!

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