So a few weeks ago my eyes caught a visit Finland in 2017 – topic when browsing through news online. My first thought was that I’ve to write a blog post about this one. You don’t usually find internationally recognized traveling news about my home country. But it’s true. Finland has been ranked #3 spot in Lonely Planet’s ten destinations you cannot afford to miss in 2017. Number one spot went to Canada (Congratulations!) and second place to Colombia. In addition, 4th position went to Dominica and fifth place to Nepal.

visit Finland in 2017

Why should people visit Finland 2017?

Why should people come and visit the third most intriguing country of 2017 in the world then? According to Lonely Planet, there are Nordic World Ski and World Figure Skating Championship competitions next year in Finland. Pardon my French, but those events shouldn’t be included in the main reasons for going to the cold North.

When diving a little deeper to the website of Lonely Planet, I found this page dedicated solely on Finland. From there you can find more reasonable causes in order to go and see the true Finland. There are listed top experiences in Finland such as national park hiking during the summer, sledding and snowmobiling during the winter time and design shopping in the capital city, Helsinki.

visit in Finland 2017

Still, I’m not that convinced about the reasons to visit in Finland in 2017. Maybe it’s because I’m native Finn and we’re usually pretty modest and humble people. Maybe we should be proud to be mentioned in Lonely Planet and be proud of all the competitions arranged in Finland. Perhaps I’m not convinced about national park hiking or sledding because I’ve actually never done those things in my home country.

Don’t be like me.

You should be interested in pure air, beautiful and quiet environment or play in the snow. You should go swimming in the chilly lake after taking a steaming hot sauna of the summer cottage where there don’t exist neighbors within the 500 meters radius or so.

That’s the true Finland in my opinion and those could be the real reasons for you to visit Finland in 2017.

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