So after six months of traveling in Southeast Asia, we’re officially back in Finland – at least for a while. We’ve spent first days here with a relaxed mode. The main reason for that is a waspish flu I got straight away when landing into a freezing Finnish spring.

The difference in temperatures between Thailand and Finland have been astonishing. Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon to have a 25 degree warm spring days in Finland in May. For some unpleasant cause, there have barely been 10 degrees daily measures. During the nights, mercury has dropped a freezing much below zero degrees – as low as -10!

Huge temperature differences when getting back in Finland

Traveling family getting out of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

With that being said, the difference with scorching 40 degrees Bangkok, Thailand can be as much as 50 degrees Celsius. You can feel the unbelievable weather difference when having minor breathing issues with very cold and dry air. In addition, our lightly tanned skin doesn’t like this huge change too. It has begun going to rack and ruin.

Luckily, there have been some more congenial reunions as well. Like you, the readers of might know, we didn’t let anybody know when we were coming back in Finland. Having said this, we had a wonderful chance to surprise some of the closest family members.

You should have seen their faces when scheduled Skype call switched to our appearance behind the door.

It took a couple of more minutes for my two-year-old godson to get familiar with me again, though. It was most definitely worth to stick around when he figured out who this weird-looking, slightly tanned guy was.

The worst jet-lag-flu combination ever!

After arriving at Helsinki Airport on Wednesday night, we have suffered from jet-lag, too. We traveled quite a straightforward 14 hours altogether with having a layover in Moscow. The flu hasn’t helped the recovering from the jet-lag at all. Furthermore, we tried to get some work done on Thursday and Friday but without major success. Maybe after the weekend, it would be easier to concentrate work-related stuff as well.

So our first days back in Finland have gone with these kinds of happenings. During the next days, my goal is to beat this flu. Moreover, it’s important to get some routines going on and get familiar with the Finnish style again.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Even though we might not be here that long, it’s vital not to lose the location independent touch we’ve managed to grasp. Finally, let’s hope we will get warmer times here back in Finland like in Southeast Asia, and fast!

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