I shared with you some mind-blowing books which have influenced and directed my life in the previous blog post. In this article, I’d like to tell you about recommended blogs having a similar effect. You can find an unbelievable amount of blogs online these days. Moreover, it’s quite a difficult to get a grasp which one to follow.

These blogs will mainly concentrate on traveling and the life of location independent entrepreneurs. Having said that, if you are interested in location independent lifestyle, you will find these blogs very helpful. Furthermore, there is a one blog focusing on well-maintained finances, too.

Here is my list of recommended blogs for you to follow regularly.

1. JohnnyFD.com

I first stumbled upon Johnny’s blog on Autumn 2015 when it was featured on BusinessInsider.com. I found it immediately very interesting since I was into similar kind of lifestyle myself. As a matter of a fact, our decision of going to Chiang Mai first time in November 2015 got its first seed from Johnny’s recommendations.

Even though Johnny is retired from working at the moment, he’s still posting interesting stuff from time to time. You should definitely check the hundreds of his older posts since you might get the same spark than I initially got. Johnny has been making most of his money from drop shipping and affiliate marketing. With that being said, he has publicly revealed his income reports every month.

Those posts are pure goldmine!

You can check my first of recommended blogs JohnnyFD.com – site here.

2. OneStep4Ward.com

OneStep4Ward.com is the second of recommended blogs having a huge impact on our location independent lifestyle. If JohnnyFD.com gave me the courage to start living like a location independent entrepreneur, Johnny Ward inspired me to start blogging about it in turn.

There are a couple of facts that makes Johnny Ward’s path quite a different from Johnny FD’s one. Irish Johnny Ward has visited in every single country of the whole world – in 197 altogether. American Johnny FD preferred initially to stay in one location, Chiang Mai and grew his business as well as himself from there.

Furthermore, Irish Johnny has made most of his $1.5 million income from affiliate marketing via blogging whereas Johnny FD broke the deadlock with drop shipping.

I suggest to go and browse through OneStep4Ward.com by yourself. But remember, one step might not be enough!

3. MrMoneyMustache.com

The third of recommended blogs in the list of blogs I recommend you to follow is MrMoneyMustache.com. This one differs from the first two quite a lot since Mr Money Mustache has family and lives permanently in one location. In addition, the tone of MrMoneyMustache’s blog is a bit different that the two previous ones. Even though he shares similar stories about being able to retire young, he did it because he wanted to spend more time with his forthcoming child.

Be that as it may, the cause is strong enough for not quitting after obstacles.

There are some wonderful pieces of advice for all people how to become a more frugal person, too. After saving more money by being frugal, you should invest the surplus money. By doing this x year, your passive income should outstrip your expenses and voila – you’re retired. Please check more comprehensive details from his blog. Trust me, he can explain these matters better even if I’ve tried to follow his generous guidance.

4. WanderingEarl.com

Wandering Earl (his real name is Derek, by the way) has been traveling around the world almost 20 years. If you want to know something about traveling, this is one guy to listen. Even though he hasn’t visited in as many countries as One Step 4 Ward, he still has over 100 different grounds covered.

He has also been kidnapped in Bangladesh!

Luckily, the three days kidnap situation wasn’t too dramatic. The local Dhaka taxi drivers just wanted some money from Derek. After being a hostage for three days, he managed to escape when they were preparing to move him from a filthy room to another.

In addition, the story of Wandering Earl has been seen in many famous websites online such as Time and USA Today. Moreover, his point of view varies from the One Step 4 Ward one so you should most definitely bookmark WanderingEarl.com, too.

5. NomadicMatt.com

iPad’s got a brand new plastic cover!

NomadicMatt.com gives you the perspective of traveling better and longer while using less money. This site is a valuable informant for all backpackers and nomads out there. People calls him the expert of budget traveling and deservedly so. His ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’ – ebook assisted us to plan our trips, like he says, cheaper, longer, and smarter.

You can find valuable money-saving information about how to travel when you’ve no money or buy a good travel insurance. Moreover, the guide for finding a cheap flight or how to pick right travel credit card can be life-changer for many people. So if you find these kinds of themes interesting, just pay a visit at NomadicMatt.com.

In summary of my recommended blogs – list

I shared with you in this article five different blogs I recommend you to follow. That applies if you’re into location independent lifestyle, finances, and traveling – preferably at the same time. Just bookmark these sites and remember to visit them often enough to make it a habit. Before long, you will be flowing around the world as a rat-race-free-traveler like these bloggers do!

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