We left Koh Samui island behind us at 1 pm on Monday afternoon. Our next destination would be a bit tinier Koh Phangan Thailand locating few dozen kilometers towards north of Koh Samui. The 300 baht ($8.65) ferry trip from Big Buddha Pier on Samui side to Haad Rin Pier on Phangan took barely 30 minutes to complete. The ferry journey fee included a pick up from our Koh Samui guest house.

After arriving in the Full Moon party center, Haad Rin, we had to take a minivan in order to reach our accommodation. It doesn’t concern those who have booked a guesthouse near the pier area itself. Having said that, we wanted to get our place from more quieter part of the island.

Welcome to Koh Phangan

Fixed prices for minivan ride are 100 ($2.90) or 200 baht ($5.80) depending on which part of the island you’re going. Even though our accommodation, Blue Lotus Resort, is only a couple of kilometers away from Haad Rin, we still had to pay the same amount than other travelers going ten kilometers further. Haggling on transportation isn’t an option on Koh Phangan.

Blue Lotus Resort appeared to be very peaceful accommodation. There was only one guest in addition to us. We chose the place after reading many positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Moreover, we got a nice bungalow with proper mosquito nets and very fast wifi connection. Since there is only a fan inside the bungalow (a powerful one, though), it gets a pretty sweaty during the warm day.

Salad Beach in Koh Phangan

Checking the most popular beaches of Koh Phangan Thailand out

When we had enjoyed a half day of tranquility at Blue Lotus Resort on Tuesday, we wanted to go ahead and see more of Koh Phangan Thailand. Our friendly host rented a motorbike for 24 hours for us with a 200 ($5.80) baht fee. It was time to hit the road again at 2 pm towards the northwest corner of Koh Phangan island.

Koh Phangan Thailand is famous for a couple of matters: Full Moon parties and beaches. Since there isn’t Full Moon party at this time of the month, our goal is to visit all the most popular beaches here.

The nature side of Koh Phangan is just amazingly beautiful. We were a bit worried about the tourism beforehand but it came quickly proved otherwise. Low season has its effect on that, for sure.

During the 24 hour period, we visited four beaches. On Tuesday evening we enjoyed a beautiful sunset on Salad Beach. In addition, we had a quick visit at Haad Yao and Malibu beaches, too.

On Wednesday morning we continued our beach sightseeings from the northeast part of the island. Having said that, I directed our scooter towards the most popular beaches in Koh Phangan according to TripAdvisor. The beaches are called Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi. These spectacular shorelines didn’t most certainly let us down with the white sand and crystal clear, pure water.

After laying low at most famous beaches in Koh Phangan Thailand, we drove to the sunset side of the island. We had a great dinner in Ying Ying’s Restaurant before enjoying the sunset both Salad and Haad Yao Beach.

During the week we also swam, snorkeled, and relaxed in other beautiful beaches such as Haad Mae Haad, Chaloklum Beach, and Bottle Beach. Furthermore, we saw the famous Haad Rin Full Moon Party beach and less popular Leela Beach.

A couple of distinctive matters about Koh Phangan Thailand

An exhibition ship at Koh Phangan Colormoon Festival 2017

There have been few seemingly distinctive facts in Koh Phangan Thailand. During our week there, thunderstorms have appeared at the same time, every night. Around 4 am, we’ve been hearing a couple of loud bangs together with a lightning show. Heavy raining usually follows for about half an hour period. Of course, it might just be a coincidence or have something to do with the current season (late April).

Another typical point is a number of sea cucumbers under the sea level. We visited in all the popular beaches in Koh Phangan Thailand during our time there. Moreover, even though I have never done scuba diving, I love snorkeling. I want to do it as much as I possibly can. That gives you a tiny glimpse of the incredible life underneath.

Sure, there was shores where the number of sea cucumber and corals, too, were lower. Generally, it surprised me to see that much underwater life so near the coast. It’s simply astonishing. We’ve been hearing even better stories about Koh Tao island nearby regarding of this matter…

Flowing Firm’s Weekend in Koh Phangan Thailand

Breathtaking views of Koh Phangan

After staying four more or less peaceful nights in Blue Lotus Resort in Ban Kai, Koh Phangan Thailand, we switched our accommodation closer to Thong Sala Pier. We would leave the island eventually from there, anyway. Our new place is called Da Kanda Villa Beach Resort. It was a little bit of more expensive than our previous guesthouse. With that being said, we got few comfortable upgrades as well such as air-conditioning and swimming pool.

Even though Da Kanda is still locating near the beach like Blue Lotus Resort was, I really love to do my morning swims in a pool instead of the sea.

Ok, maybe I’m being too pedantry already…

We really took it easy in Da Kanda Resort by sunbathing and swimming both pool and sea every day. Furthermore, it was easier to go and grab a supper as well as visit in supermarkets since there were countless of cost-effective restaurants and 7-Elevens at short range. In Blue Lotus Resort we have only had handful of places for choosing to eat in.

In Surat Thani Train Station

Leaving Koh Phangan and making some future plans

On Sunday, we took our time to figure out what do we want to do after our stay at Koh Phangan Thailand. Instead of going to the third well-known island on the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao island, we decided to book a ferry journey back to continental Thailand. We most definitely desire to visit Koh Tao one day, though.

In addition to ferry trip, we also booked train tickets from Surat Thani to Hua Hin. I will share you our time in Hua Hin in the following article. You might find some details about the plans for our near future, too…

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