Even though the capital of Laos might not offer as many spectacular matters to see as some other capitals in Southeast Asia, there are still plenty things to do in Vientiane. We have now visited two times in this 750 000 inhabitant city. With that being said, we have acquired some knowledge about the dos and don’ts of Vientiane. Let’s dig into this Flowing Firm’s Guide to Vientiane, Laos!

There are some uncomfortable things to do in Vientiane as well.

Top Things to Do in Vientiane, Laos

Stand up for COPE

First of all, Laos is the most heavily bombed country per capita in the world. That is a huge factor for the whole identity of the country. Having said that, you should most definitely pay a visit to COPE and MAG UXO Visitor Centres. In those centres, you have a chance to get a better understanding what kind of horrible history Laos have had. In addition, you will realize that this terrible history plays a significant role in the present time as well. COPE and MAG UXO are free to entrance but they accept donations with pleasure in order to continue working on this important cause.

Secondly, after mentioning the darker side of Laos history, let’s see the happier side of things to do in Vientiane. There are some great religious places to visit in Vientiane. Buddha Park is located approximately 25 kilometers east of Vientiane, along with the Mekong River. There are over 200 impressive Buddhist and Hinduism statues within the park. Entrance fee to the Buddha Park is 5000 kips ($0.60) per person. You can visit in Buddha Park by scooter or taking a public bus from Vientiane.

In addition to Buddha Park, you should most certainly go and see Great Sacred Stupa also known as Pha That Luang. You can find marvelous golden temple as well as laying golden Buddha there. Furthermore, the whole area is quite a flamboyant with all the Buddhist temples and broad squares. Pha That Luang is located only a couple of kilometers away from Vientiane city center and entrance cost 5000 kips ($0.60) for foreigners.

The Iconic Patuxai Monument

Moreover, if you rent a motorbike or grab a tuk-tuk in order to go to Pha That Luang, you wouldn’t have missed Patuxai Monument. Patuxai is perhaps the most iconic sightseeing target in Vientiane. You can easily walk there too if you’re not into the riding. The monument was built for over ten years to praise the people fighting for the independence against France around 50 years ago. You can climb stairs up to the top of Patuxai Monument with tiny 3000 kips ($0.40) cost.

Patuxai Monument in Vientiane

Finally, Mekong Riverside Park together with Night Market is an easy choice to spend an evening in Vientiane. The location is great in the immediate presence of downtown Vientiane. The sunset is more than beautiful almost every evening from the riverside point of view. It’s possible to walk on the Mekong River too since the water level drops significantly lower during the dry season.

The Night Market is around two kilometers long. You can find surprisingly good products there even if comparing night markets all over the Southeast Asia. After walking the night market from end to end, you can have a refreshing drink in the countless of Laotian bars around the area.

Summary of Things to Do in Vientiane

In this article, we shared with you some great things to do in Vientiane, Laos. First, you should pay a visit to visitor centres COPE and MAG UXO. In addition, you can go to religious places such as Buddha Park and Pha That Luang. Furthermore, you just cannot miss the iconic Patuxai Monument. Finally, you can end the sightseeing day for a visit to Mekong Riverside Park and Night Market. So if you have never been in Vientiane before, it’s most definitely the right time to change that as soon as possible!

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