The topic of this blog post, The Help of Our Families in Location Independence, is one of the matters we have only mentioned quickly in the past articles in Flowing Firm’s blog. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most important facts, we were able to begin our location independent life in the first place.

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Whether you’re traveling around the world or living in your hometown, you’ll most often notice that there is one unit giving altruistic assistance every single day. You might not even notice it since it has become a natural mode from the day you were born.

Traveling family getting out of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

But in some point of your life, you have to recall it. Furthermore, you should give your parents the biggest appreciation you’re able to do at that time. It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything materialistic or expensive. It can just be words coming whole-heartedly out of you.

These words are the most valuable thing a person can say to another.

In our case, both mine and the wife’s families have helped us in countless ways.

3 ways from countless choices of help we’re getting from our families in home

First, they have allowed us to keep our remaining stuff in their homes. Even though we sold almost everything we had acquired a couple of years ago, there still are some stuff impossible to carry along when traveling around the world.

Secondly, our families back in home check our mails day after day. They will let us know if there is something important we should know. Nowadays, it’s unbelievable easy to be in touch from every part of the globe. Within a couple of seconds, you have contacted the closest ones via WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or email.

Owl Family

Finally, the help of our families in location independent life is shown in the form of an unconditional support. Whatever we might choose to accomplish in our lives, they will cheer us and be excited about it. This support is something you cannot put a price tag on. That is one huge cornerstone to our decision of becoming location independent entrepreneurs.

Oh yeah, what those most valuable words mentioned in the beginning of this article might be?

You can choose between these two phrases. They will be suitable for every imaginable situation you might come across in your unique life. We sum up this article of The Help of Our Families in Location Independence with this exhaustive statement below:

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