Traveling around the world is one of the greatest things people can do and enjoy in the 21st century. There are enormous amounts of wonderful places to see and beautiful countries to visit.

One thing people usually ask me after a long trip while visiting friends and family back home is their concern about our safety abroad. That’s perfectly understandable since most of them don’t have the same experience about traveling than us.

I’m sure you can agree with me when stating that everything familiar and all routines bring safeness to people’s lives. When you do the same thing day after day, there shouldn’t be any surprises. But is that exciting then?

In this article, I’ll share 5 tips about how to travel safely around the world. It actually doesn’t matter if you aren’t going to travel longer than from home to work. You can apply these exact same principles likewise.

Travel Safe

Pai Canyon wasn’t the safest place on earth


1. Use common sense

First of all, the most important tip of How to Travel Safety in my opinion: Use common sense. That’s one big lesson we have learned the hard way. During our first trips abroad, we were many times so excited just to be there.

We were having a private boat trip day one time in Pangkor Island, Malaysia back in 2014. During the day, we were dropped into a tiny, empty beach in order to have an hour of snorkeling time there. Since nobody was around, we left our bags at the beach and went to swimming.

Beach in Pangkor Island, Malaysia

One of the beaches in Pangkor Island, Malaysia

First, I checked the bags every 30 seconds or so. Then in a one-minute interval and finally, around a couple of minutes. Then, after raising my head from beautiful underwater scenery and taking a glance to the beach, our bags were gone. And nobody was still around. Fortunately, the robbers were kind and left our towels behind.

Next time when we went snorkeling, we had an underwater bag with us. Furthermore, if we were carrying too much stuff with us either one of us left to the beach with bags while taking a dip in the ocean.

That was one big lesson learned about using common sense.

2. Be polite and remember to smile

Moreover, you should always be polite and smile when traveling. Eventually, you’re visiting in the home surroundings of the local people.

You might be exhausted and frustrated after a 24-hour bus journey without any sleep. Nonetheless, it’s not the fault of the local people (the driver and other bus staff might be exceptions here). With that being said, you shouldn’t show and infect your disappointing emotions to them.

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3. Don’t do drugs

Grand Canyon in United States

At Grand Canyon in the United States

This one should be clear to all travelers. Even though it’s not desirable to do drugs anywhere, you shouldn’t mix yourself up while being on the road. More or less often, it doesn’t lead to any good.

In addition, the laws regarding of drug possession and use varies from country to another but are usually very strict. In this case, we are speaking tens of years of imprisonment or even worse. This leads us to the next point of How to Travel Safely naturally.

4. Obey the law

In addition to not doing drugs, travelers should always obey the local and global laws. Even though you don’t know the exact laws in the certain country, the point number one about using common sense should assist you to stay out of troubles.

Police officer

Like stated in point number three of How to Travel Safely, the sentences from breaking the law can be devastating.

5. Be open-minded

Last but not most certainly least, you should always remember to travel open-minded. The environment and infrastructure might not be at the level you have used to live in. Nevertheless, you should respect and study the history as well as different starting points of different nations.

While I suggest you to be an open-minded traveler, again, use common sense like wrote many times in this article.

In conclusion of How to Travel Safely – 5 Practical Tips

Travel Safe

This article was all about how to travel safely around the world. I discovered five different tips to keep in mind while traveling abroad from home. The matters are using common sense, being polite and remembering to smile, not doing drugs, obeying the law, and being open-minded.

Actually, like stated in the beginning of the post, these hints are applicable regardless of your location. Just enjoy the ride together with your full potential!

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