Hello! My name is Mikko Raespuro and I am a Finnish location independent entrepreneur in my thirties. Welcome to the Flowing Firm – blog (blog name comes playfully from running a location independent business)! In this blog I will handle various stuff regarding my life such as traveling in tropical countries, working as a location independent internet marketer and living an expat life mainly in South East Asia together with my wife.

First longer trip

I left first time for a longer trip from Finland approx 10 years ago after working heavily in mobile phone industry. It was huge that time in my hometown (thanks to late Nokia!) and getting the money for traveling. The direction was Phuket, Thailand and I spend 30 days there with two of my close friends partying and drinking (what else guys in their twenties gonna do…). Of course, the money ran out pretty quickly during the livin’ la vida loca and I had to come back to Finland anyway in order to go the army (that’s what every young man ought to do in Finland).

Anyhow, the seed for traveling and freedom has seeded in me. During the following 10 years until this day I have seen and lived places around the globe which I’ll uncover you here at FlowingFirm.com.

So you are very warm welcome to find more out about my life and I hope that you will receive the first spark and get the tools from my blog in order to begin your own path to location independent life!

Quick Look of My Nomadic History Part One