We are living wonderful times of opportunities in countless ways during the first part of 21st century. It does not necessarily matter what kind of things we are talking about since there are opportunities everywhere.

In this article, I will discuss more 3 Tips for Finding Location Independent Job Opportunities. This theme is one of the biggest barriers for people not to be able to continue their travels and living abroad. When money begins to roll out, it is vital to get at least some income coming in.

Many location independent people can agree with me that the income doesn’t have to be an enormous sum of cash – at least in the beginning of the path.

So let’s see what are my 3 Tips for Finding Location Independent Job Opportunities to you.

1. Upwork

First of all, Upwork is one of the biggest platforms online to connect freelancers and businesses together. It’s very easy to use and to find suitable work or workers from there. Whether you’re looking for more location independent job opportunities or needing help for your current workload, Upwork is the place to go.

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Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages, too. Upwork recently raised their own cut from the deals between freelancers and clients. It used to be 10% of the total size of the deal but after the rise, it’s now 20%. That’s bad news both freelancers and businesses since they need to invest more money into finding a proper solution.

If you are a bilingual person and can handle English very well at the same time, you can begin to work in translation. There are plenty of translation jobs from English to various languages in Upwork. In addition, that goes hand-in-hand with blogging since you can improve your writing abilities.

Likewise, if you possess some other valuable skills such as SEO, website design or software development, you can also begin with that knowledge.

2. Sell your own skill, service, or product

Moreover, like I quickly mentioned above, another way to find location independent job opportunities is to sell your skills. You can do that without a third party platform such as Upwork, too: That is to say, you can sell your skills, service, or product through your own website.

If you can design good-looking websites, that is one great service to offer potential clients. Everyone needs a website nowadays so the potential is limitless. You can set your own prices and don’t have to pay platform fees (like the one in Upwork).

selling product online

You can take the offered service even further and make it a product. Selling an information product online such as an eBook or a video course) is a correct path for location independent entrepreneur. After putting a great course together, you’ll free your time for living instead of working.

3. Browse online

The third tip for finding location independent job opportunities is to browse online. You might come across unexpected possibilities while Googling or Facebooking around. Just keep your eyes and mind open, and you’ll never be without abundance in your life.

You can type “freelance jobs” or “working online” to Google and begin your search from there. Prepare to spend some time for that.

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Google is your friend

That means there are (a tiny portion of) people trying to take advantage of you by getting free work done. Moreover, they might even push you to pay money upfront in order to provide you work.

I’m sure I don’t need to emphasize it too much that you should never pay money to get a job.

Furthermore, remember to check various Facebook Groups, forums, and blogs regarding of online jobs. You might find some great pieces of advice there.

Summary of 3 Tips for Finding Location Independent Job Opportunities

In this article, I shared with you 3 different tips for finding location independent job opportunities. Those recommendations were Upwork, selling your own skill, service or product, and browsing online.

You can get your feet wet with these tips and continue your location independent journey even if your money seems to run out once in a while!

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