This is a part five of seven step mini blog post course about How to Become a Location Independent. If you haven’t yet checked the first four steps out, I’ll encourage you to do so now. You can find Step 1 of How to Become a Location Independent here.

Step #5: Location Independent Time Management

In step #5 we will focus location independent time management. This part of living a location independent lifestyle usually requires discipline more than people have in the beginning. There will be no boss to tell you how you manage your day to day activities. Moreover, you must figure out yourself when would be the working hours and when you should have the spare time.

Everyone on this planet has 24 hours per day. That means 168 hours per week, 720 hours per 30 days month and 12 410 hours per 365 days year. You should be able to manage to get some extra work done with that amount of time. Even if you’re working 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, and sleep 8 hours every day, you will have 40 additional hours on weekdays and 32 on weekends.

Time Management

Of course, if you have family and/or leisure activities etc, your amount of additional time will be lower. But still, could you manage to get some time available, for example, from watching the TV few hours per night? It’s totally and only up to you.

Everybody can arrange 1-2h per day

With all that being said during the last section, I’m confident that everybody can arrange 1-2 hours per day for extra working. What if this extra working is also fun and will help you to develop a location independent time management as well?

How many hours would you like to spend to do something that you’re passionate about? It might bring you a much enjoyable future, too.

That brings us to the question of instant gratification. Click To Tweet

Watching the TV few hours during the evenings can give you instant satisfaction with all the laughs and dramas. Working towards your goals a couple of hours during the evenings wouldn’t make you necessary to laugh directly. Furthermore, it will bring some drama to your life from time to time. In the end, it’s totally worth it, trust me.

So make sure, you will arrange at least one hour per day in order to work on getting better with a location independent time management.

Location Independent Time Management going on

Location Independent Time Management going on

Balance between business and travel

Balancing your work and spare time is one of the most important factors when choosing to become a location independent person. You should aim to do and enjoy both of those activities. Working is more difficult to handle. You should focus on doing it, if not every day, at least every weekday.

This is vital for each and every entrepreneur in the beginning of the path. Not least for the location independent one. When time passes by, you’ll notice that some days are more productive than the others. You should try to get more working done during those peak moments.

In that way, you’ll be able to relax and rest easier when you’re facing a day everything feels rough, tough, and tricky.

 UPDATE: Step 6 is live! You can find it behind this link.
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