First, this article has gone through my mind a lot during the past trips. Furthermore, I was thinking if I should design a website solely for garbage pictures around Southeast Asia. Instead of that, I’m using the possibility of spreading the awareness of huge trash problem in Southeast Asia via this blog post on

Moreover, these pictures have been gathered from our trips to Southeast Asia between 2014 and 2017. Even though we have visited many countries in this tropical area, the pictures have mainly taken from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Not every country provides garbage pictures around Southeast Asia

Malaysia is very trash free place comparing to the mentioned countries above, let alone Singapore. There are some great examples from the other countries too, as you can see from the photo gallery.

I will update this page with new images whenever I see (hopefully not, though) and grab a snap from disgusting sights during our location independent journey around the world.

Having now introduced this project for you, enjoy (I mean not) the pictures!

Videos come here below the images:

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