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I was born in the mid-80s in Finland. At that time the economy was growing like there is no tomorrow so even though my parents were just normal working class heroes, we were able to do few one week holidays every now and then. I have two brothers so you can imagine it was not only plane and smooth sailing during the holiday week (neither in at home too).

Turkey, Greece and Canary Islands were the most popular countries to travel from Finland during the cold and snowy winter time so that was where we of course went.

My first holiday abroad with friends and without parents was a one week trip to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria at the age of 17. With the group of six teens, we were partying like animals amongst the usually older Brits and Germans – from the early midday to the late nights. It was pretty rough week even for an under aged boy so after the holiday week ended, we needed another week for recovering back in home…

The First 10-hour Flight and beginning of my nomadic history

The first longer trip overseas happened over ten years ago at 2006 to Phuket, Thailand with two of my close friends. One month in paradise was enough in order to fall in love the weather and sea as well as the people. Even though it was just 18 months shy from the huge tsunami on Christmas 2004, the people on the island had put plenty of effort in order to get the place back to business. We had round-trip tickets from Helsinki, Finland to Bangkok, Thailand so unfortunately, it was obvious we had to return back to Finland after the crazy 28 days. Still one person out of our three guy group decided to extend his visit with few extra weeks in South East Asia while two of us flew downhearted back to Europe.

After heading back to Finland in order to go through the mandatory six months military training, I knew I would return to Thailand and South East Asia. I had this burning desire to see more about the low-cost paradise. It took a while, though.

Studying, Entrepreneuring and Exchange Studying

On 2009 I started studying at Turku University of Applied Sciences and with that knowledge as well as huge interest towards internet marketing, I founded my first business, Webbipiste at December 2010. The year 2011 was a rough entrepreneur working in order to get every piece setup correctly, at least as good as possible.

Porto, Portugal

In Porto, Portugal

What comes to the traveling part of my life, we made our first trip abroad together with my girlfriend (current wife) which I had met few months before begin to studying. We had 10 days trip to Porto, Portugal which was close and warm enough comparing to early April weathers in Finland. This trip included a quick one night stop near Frankfurt, Germany in which we had a beautiful honeymoon suite for ourselves.

But where to go for an exchange student period

On Summer 2011 after two years of studying, it was obvious to me that I wanted to go abroad as an exchange student on Spring 2012. In that way, I could keep writing my nomadic history as well. I had only one place in my mind where I wanted to attend to – the only US university our school offered for an exchange student to attend was Oklahoma State University. However, the system requires putting the second option in the application as well if there was going to be more applicants than available places for a certain university. My second choice was Sungkyunkwan University at Seoul, South Korea.

Sungkyunkwan University

Sungkyunkwan University’s baseball jacket

I was lucky enough to make it through amongst the last three applicants for the two available seat for the plane to Oklahoma. As you can already guess, I was the one left without a seat. So at that point, the second option for me, Sungkyunkwan University, was the school to attend for four months from February to June 2012. After getting through the disappointment of not to be chosen for Oklahoma, I started to get excited for a possibility to live in an astonishing large metropolitan city Seoul (with the population of 24 million in the whole capital area) in surprisingly small country South Korea (population 50 million, size 100K km², Finland 337K km²).

Living in South Korea

It was a wonderful experience and great continue for my nomadic history to spend four months in Seoul and go to university with local Korean people approximately 10 hours per week. That schedule was just enough in order to explore this huge town and its nearby areas with my new global friends from Germany, Colombia, Japan and, of course, Korea. Korea is famous for its drinking culture which we gladly took advantage of and tried to learn as much as we could.

Seoul, South Korea

Sights in Korea

During the four months in Korea, I almost was forgotten the urge of going to the US. Little did I knew that my old friend from Finland has planned to get married with an American girl in Kansas City, Missouri. When I got the invitation at my tiny shared room in downtown Seoul, I knew I would get there and got the chance to see the United States as I had wanted in the first place.

Wedding and Road Trip in the US

My nomadic history kept going by attending a wedding in Kansas City, Missouri at the end of June 2012. I flew from Seoul to Los Angeles via Guangzhou, China 16 hours altogether (Seoul – Guangzhou 2h and Guangzhou to LA 14h). The best part of this whole US trip was not the wedding or the forthcoming road trip but to see my girlfriend first time live since leaving Finland in February. I arrived at LA few days before she did so I had the time to book a car and get the hotel ready for her. What a romantic idea to pick her up from the airport after the long flight and give the hug instantly! …if you go to the correct terminal at the right time for a start. After few text messages and phone calls everything sorted out and we began our journey together in the US.

Grand Canyon, USA

Visiting in Grand Canyon in Summer 2012

We were 4 weeks in the States altogether and visited Las Vegas and New York after beginning our trip in Los Angeles and spending a weekend in the wedding in Kansas City. There were too much to see and experience during those four weeks so when our trip ended in Helsinki, Finland in the mid-July, we instantly decided to go back in America at some point. Now it’s been over four years since and we’re currently preparing our lives to that level that it would be possible to stay and spend more time overseas.

Real-life begins or does it?

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam

After the exchange student period and the quick around the world trip, I graduated from the university at the end of 2013.Now, it was time to become a full-time entrepreneur and start working like crazy in order to make the dreams come true. It took only 4 months for me to book flights to Vietnam… It was only one month though and I had a return ticket with me anyway but apparently, I didn’t want to let the traveling go and become part of the famous rat race.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Monks wondering in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

In the beginning of the year 2014, my nomadic history progressed as my girlfriend flew to Indonesia with her friend. Our plan was following: I would fly to Bangkok, Thailand on February and meet her at the Suvarnabhumi airport after she had visited Laos and Indonesia. Then we would travel together by train to Cambodia to see the spectacular Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. After being few days in the capital Phnom Penh and relaxing at the beaches of Sihanoukville and Koh Rong, we flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We wanted to go there in order to take part of Formula One Grand Prix at Sepang Circuit near KL.

Unfortunately also this time our trip would end with a return back to Finland because we had planned to move near Helsinki to make better possibilities for my internet marketing business. In addition of that, my GF had some schooling plans as well so that sounded reasonable blueprint at that time. We were living in Fall 2014 at that time.

Wedding time

During my exchange student time in Korea, I had this crazy thought to engage my girlfriend during our trip in the USA. What would be the better place to accomplish this idea than in Las Vegas, I was thinking. Nevertheless, there is this old-fashion person living inside me even though that might surprise people who know me. On that my mind, I sent a postcard to my forthcoming parents in law asking the permission to marry their daughter. That was a wise move because they didn’t know how to reply to me, though. I took the silence as an affirmative answer which became the right conclusion later on.

Mikko Subi, Starbucks

“Starbucks names”

We kept our minor wedding party with the participants of approx 70 people on the first day of August 2015 near my newly-married wife’s home and the civil marriage the day before. The “best” part of the wedding was the decision to make a long, nearly five months honeymoon trip to South East Asia during the winter time 2015 – 2016. You can read more about that trip from the part two of my nomadic history as well as the rest of my recent occurrences from the link below.

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