Last year showed us that digitalization is picking up its pace. Trends are pumping out new digital solutions like never before. These can be applied in many interesting ways in the field of marketing. Following the latest and greatest trends is surely a great way to keep in touch with your audience. But be sure to stick to your plan. We’ve listed 7 of the most important trending topics seen in both digital and traditional marketing.

1. From mobile-friendly to mobile must be

According to the latest research, people spend 87% more time on their mobile devices than eight years ago, it’s to be assumed that the time spent on mobile keeps on growing. The latest hot potato has been mobile-friendly websites. This usually means that the sites are easily accessible on mobile devices. Friendliness is a term that has been used to kindly push the companies to improve their clients’ experience on mobile devices. The kind pushing days are over, in 2018 52,2% of all website visits were conducted by mobile devices. Even Google is indexing websites primarily to mobile devices. In the old days, they used the desktop versions. The ranking of pages on search engines happens according to the mobile versions these days.

2. Smarter advertising

Don’t advertise the wrong things to people. This is a no brainer. Targeted ads used to annoy or make someone laugh a bit. These days they are the reason for anger. Learn to know your client and your entire target audience. After this, you can kick out the ad. You’ll save money, and probably get more for your money’s worth.

3. Personalisation

To be honest, no-one likes ads. That’s why you need to really strike a connection on a personal level with your audience. According to Accenture, 91% of people like brands that remember them and talk to them on a personal level. While talking of personal level advertising, no-one does it better than online casinos. Read more about the best Finnish Online Casinos here! Following your preferred audience and automating your marketing leads to unique experiences that lead to customer relationships more easily.

4. What’s the story, there has to be a story

Stories, epochs, and tales have always had a place in people’s hearts. We all know that by now. The human species is a curious one, and each and every one of us wants to see what’s going on behind the scenes rather than the polished image on the outside. Bring out the story of your firm, and show the people and the life inside the firm. Building a story and a narrative is a strong trend in the coming years.

5. Video

Nearly 80% of all web traffic is video streaming. Not just Youtube and other streaming services. Videos are also a vital part of other channels, websites, and ads. Rather than polished brand advertising, people are interested in live-videos. Facebook and Instagram stories and live-videos are breaking the bank. With these tools, you can open up the company directly to your customers. The more creative you get, the more the audience is going to love it.

6. Influencers and workers

Influencer marketing is already past the point of being a trend. Many CEO’s and other leading executives have risen up to the task and found ways of spreading the company message as an influencer. The best influencers a company can find are the ones from within, a worker is three times as convincing as an executive when spreading the good word of the company and its procedures. And a single person’s message echoes stronger than that of the enterprise.

7. Technology

AI, VR, 4K. If these terms don’t exactly strike you as familiar, it’s soon time to get to know these. These are just a few of the technologies that will change the ways we work forever. Search engines are used with pictures and voice commands, and people are working on ever greater ways to make use of this. If you have customer service online, you need a chat-bot!

Honorable mention: Content

Even though digitalization is with us in many forms, and even in this text we give tips to make use of it. There is still value in the basic elements. Whatever it is that you are making, a video, a podcast, a written text. You need to remember that the contents of this are the most important thing. When you have top quality content to build on, keeping with the times is easy. Even a super long text can spark a change in someone’s life.

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