Smartphones are nowadays like extensions of arms to humankind. The reason for this is obvious: They are compact and easy to use. People can find valuable information within seconds since they are basically online all the time.

What makes smartphones easy to use then? If you would have to use smartphones the traditional computer way, it wouldn’t necessarily be that simple to get things done. The traditional way, in this case, means accessing various sources of information via a browser.

Yes, you still do that.

No, you still don’t prefer doing tasks that style.

There are so much enjoyable modes to do stuff with the smartphone. That way is of course to use apps.

Apps came into our life’s along the first iPhone in 2007. Since that date, there have been and will be tens of thousands of more or less useful and valuable apps coded to billions of people.


The valuable ones can help you live your life more productive and smarter way. The less precious units do the opposite and just entertain you – if even that.

I will take part of this wireless matter by sharing 7 Indispensable Free Smartphone Apps for Daily Productivity. These apps listed below are making my life so much better in many ways.

Furthermore, I’ve chosen only the apps increasing my productivity while using iPhone 5. Having said that, some of the apps might not have Android or other ecosystem versions.

1. Evernote

One of the influences coming with the smartphones is the information overload. You cannot avoid it (except staying away from online). What you can do, though, is trying to handle and control it in an understandable form.

Evernote is one the best apps for assisting you to keep everything organized. You can capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can access your account the computer as well by using desktop app or web browser.

You can use 60 megabytes of their cloud service in free version of Evernote in monthly basis. That should be enough if you’re typing mainly text (like I do). They are offering a paid version as well if you need more space.

Evernote is my first choice for 7 Indispensable Free Smartphone Apps for Daily Productivity.

Smartphone apps for daily productivity

2. Calendars 5

Calendars 5 is an improved version for the basic calendar app of iPhone. I find it a lot more comprehensive when scheduling future appointments and tasks. It has plenty of more reminder options. Moreover, the calendar section is much scalable.

Nuff said.

3. Podcasts

I listen to podcasts every day everywhere. Without smartphone that would be almost impossible to do. The iOs app has been perfect for my needs – at least for now. Sure, I might take a look if there are even better solutions for listening in the future if my listening list grows too big.

4. iBooks


I use iBooks app mainly with my iPad Air. Nonetheless, it has been a lifesaver in iPhone, too. I’ve recently changed almost all of my traditional books to eBooks or PDF’s. That’s been a huge improvement for increasing the space of my backpack while traveling around the Southeast Asia, too.

Furthermore, I’ve managed to read a double or triple amount of books after making the switch. iPad is practically everywhere with me, anyway.

5. Timerverse

This app is one of the recent ones in my phone. Timerverse is a timer app helping you to keep track of your time.

Since I wanted to improve my time-management by working more efficiently, it has become very handy. For instance, I currently follow the Pomodoro technique which means that every 25 minutes of working, I keep 5 minutes break. After four times you keep longer break 30-45 minutes break. Timerverse helps me to keep my Pomodoro journey in order.

6. Runtastic

It is quite a nice to know what kind of distance have you been running and in which time, isn’t it? I’m quite a confident that many people have this kind of app already installed in their phones. But it’s a good reminder, anyhow.

I switch Runtastic on every time I go out for running, cycling or walking. It keeps me very well informed what kind of exercising I’ve done in the past. In addition, you can put goals for the future as well.

A free version of Runtastic has been more than enough for me.

7. Dropbox


The last pick for 7 Indispensable Free Smartphone Apps for Daily Productivity but not most certainly least is Dropbox. It’s the pioneer of cloud services making it familiar to everybody online. There have become several competitors to the market but at least in my opinion, it will be the first choice.

The sync between computer, smartphone, and tablet is just great. I’ve currently 7.6 gigabytes of space in my free Dropbox account. It fulfills all my current needs at the moment.


In conclusion of 7 Indispensable Free Smartphone Apps for Daily Productivity

I discussed in this article 7 Indispensable Free Smartphone Apps for Daily Productivity. Those apps were Evernote, Calendars 5, Podcasts, iBooks, Timerverse, Runtastic, and Dropbox.

Unfortunately, some of the apps don’t have Android version. I’m still confident there are similar applications made for other ecosystems as well.

If you find my list incomplete, feel free to share your thoughts on indispensable apps in the comment box below!

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