As a Finn, this topic was almost the first thing in mind after founding this blog. Should I start writing blog posts in second language as well (in addition of English)?

I managed to solve this first problem by creating this blog in bilingual. I always begin to write English post first. Around a couple of weeks (sometimes even one month) after publishing it, I (or the wife) will translate the English post to a Finnish article.

In that way, we keep the blog flowing firm as chronological as possible. Quite a funny expression, isn’t it? 
In this article, I will tell you 5 different tips in order to start writing blog posts in second language.

So keep reading!

1. Don’t be afraid – just start writing!

First of all, you shouldn’t be fearful for writing in your second language. Even though it might be a bit more difficult to get a grasp, just begin writing. There’s no easier way to put it. Sure, you should have begun reading English (let’s say English is the language you want to begin blogging) literature beforehand in order to make the language more familiar for writing.

start writing blog posts

In addition, there are countless of blogs and articles online for exercising the vocabulary and sentence structure.

So just start writing and the rest will settle piece by piece.

2. Try to be as original as possible

Secondly, aim to write like you would in your own language. Don’t just translate the text from your mother tongue. That won’t be as natural and flowing as it can be.

If you want or need to translate your content, you can do it vice versa. That means after you have written your English blog post, you can translate it to your own language easily. Since you already possess the needed vocabulary in your mother tongue, you’ll get the translation feel more intrinsic.

3. Seek a native English help for proofreading if in doubt

If you don’t trust your skills enough in the beginning of starting to write blog posts in second language, you might want to seek an assistance. There might exist a native English speaking people in your circle, you haven’t thought before.

Just ask him/her to help you out!

If there are no English experts around, you can easily find one online. Just reach out them via social media or email when you come across blog posts and articles which style you find out fascinating.

You might be surprised how many people actually reply to you and, at least, give you valuable tips how to proceed!

ask for help

Ask for help!

4. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to write, even in your native language – don’t take too much pressure from that

Moreover, when you find yourself in so-called writer’s block, just take a break from writing. It’s much easier and effective to get your thoughts together away from the computer. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t meet your deadlines once in a while.

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Just don’t take too much pressure when writing feels daunting. The joy will come back at some point. Meanwhile, get up from your laptop and take a quick walk outside for rebooting your brains.

5. Feel wonderful to be able to write (at least) in two languages!

Finally, you should feel proud of yourself for being able to start writing blog posts in second language in addition to your mother tongue. That is one accomplishment that not everyone is able to achieve.

Feel wonderful about that! Especially then when you come across situation described in tip number four. Feel gratitude and joy for being able to express your feelings in many languages.

feel wonderful

Feel great when sharing your thoughts to the world!

Summary of Start Writing Blog Posts in Second Language

This article was all about how to start writing blog posts in second language. I gave out five different tips in order to help you reach your goals.

First tip was not to be afraid and just begin writing. The second tip is to try to be as original as possible. Furthermore, you should seek native English (or whatever language you choose to blog in second language) assistance if in doubt of your skills at the beginning.

Moreover, writing can be overwhelming once in a while so don’t take too much pressure on that. Finally, the last hint was to feel wonderful for being able to write, at least, in two languages!

By following these five tips of start writing blog posts in second language, you can find yourself being a bilingual blogger faster than you’ll notice!

Feel free to share your thoughts about this article below 🙂

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