Our fifth monthly video compilation is this time titled Steaming Hot Month in Laos. The title comes solely based on that fact that 95% of our time there, the daily temperature was almost 40 degrees Celsius. Having said that, we spent huge chunk of the daylight inside our friend’s gorgeous penthouse apartment.

What did we do during the Steaming Hot Month in Laos?

Of course, we did something else, too. First, we had some sightseeing days in the capital of Laos, Vientiane where our friend lives. Furthermore, we visited in Vang Vieng for a weekend in order to experience tubing there.

Finally, before continuing our journey back to Thailand, we stayed a couple of nights in Southern Laos. We visited quickly both hippyesque 4000 Islands and Pakse during Lao New Year, Pi Mai.

So just sit back and relax by checking our Steaming Hot Month in Laos out below.

Escaping Pi Mai in Pakse (Lao New Year 2017)