Wow, the time has gone really fast! It’s been three days over one year since I published the first Flowing Firm blog post. There have been many memorable moments during the past year. We have experienced many ups and few downs both abroad and back in Finland. Here are some of my thoughts after one year of blogging

Immediately after founding the blog in October 2016, we began our six months trip in Thailand, Southeast Asia. Even though we didn’t know the length of the journey at the beginning.

That trip was the main reason for putting this blog together in the first place. It felt so much easier to share our travelings and stories along the way via one channel. In addition, it kinda acted as a diary, too.

Panoramic View of Chiang Mai from Wat Phrathat Temple

Panoramic View of Chiang Mai from Wat Phrathat Temple

During our previous journeys, we have had to share one cool thing countless of times to different people. So this was very wise and needed choice, indeed. Now, I tried to publish a blog post every 3-5 days or so. These articles included all the details of our previous whereabouts and sightseeing.

Some the stories might be useful for other people as well in addition to the closest people at home.

Along the Southeast Asia trip, I began to share other stores than traveling ones as well. Since there still exists some days or even weeks when we don’t have enough energy to move around or just focus on working, I decided to expand the theme of this blog.

This blog is describing a journey of location independent entrepreneur after all.

I set two goals to target within the first year of blogging

passion led us here

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

First one was to achieve Domain Rating 30 on Ahrefs online research tool. The second goal was to get first partnership offer for the blog.

I managed to achieve both of the objectives successfully.

With that being said, I quickly forgot the goals after writing them down in the laptop’s notepad. While being in back in Chiang Mai around late February, I stumbled upon the notepad file. After checking the progress from Ahrefs, I realized the first goal was well completed: Domain Rating was already 43.

After one year of blogging the Domain Rating for is 42. It seems that the maximum DR got reached since I haven’t done any off-page SEO whatsoever. Flowing Firm’s search engine optimization depends solely on on-page SEO together with content creation.

It took one month more to get the second objective crossed over, too. At the end of March after 5 months of blogging, a Vietnamese visa company wanted to exchange links with my site. That was a one big surprise contact, indeed.

I got few more partnership deals during the year. It’s easy to state based on these facts that the blog met its goals clearly.

What have I learned after one year of blogging?

Sunset at Eagle Square in Langkawi

First of all, I have learned after one year of blogging that you must make writing a habit. If you try to write blog posts whenever you feel like, you might necessarily never write those articles in the first place.

Blogging definitely requires some level of self-discipline. Click To Tweet

In addition, it will grow higher and higher as time passes by.

Furthermore, blogging has taught me to plan my daily schedule better. There are always plenty stuff and work to do every single day. Every one of us has 24 hours a day to spend the best possible way.

When you’re planning your day ahead, say the evening before or first thing in the morning, you will most certainly give yourself better chance to accomplish more things than you’d ever expect.

Just write a simple outline of your tasks for the day and you’re good to go

Finally, one year of blogging has given me chance to change my share my thoughts to the world. Understanding this point has helped me to open up even more about my life. I used to keep plenty of stuff inside me or discuss those things only with the closest people.

But if I can share matters with one person, I can do the same with hundred people. If I can help even one person with something in his or her life, I have succeeded with blogging.

Sharing is caring and it most definitely comes back in some format or another. Just try to give as much as possible and you shall receive great things to your life.

I Love KL

“I Love KL”

Thank you for following me during this first year of my blogging. There are plenty of stuff going on in my life at the moment so the blogging speed has been decreasing a bit during this year. Still, I want to keep on writing and blogging far into the future.

Let’s kick-start the second year of Flowing Firm – now!

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