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I’m sure you will enjoy reading through these altogether seven steps helping you to guide on your path of becoming a location independent person. I will publish the remaining steps during the coming weeks so stay tuned for those as well.

Without further parley, let’s begin with the step number one right now!

Step #1: How much do you want to become a location independent?

How much do you want it?

The first step of how to become a location independent is the most crucial part of the whole process. When you are transforming yourself free from the rat race, ask yourself a simple question. How much do you want it?

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If you have a pretty comfortable job and your family life is good, it might be difficult to find the reasons what would you want to accomplish more of. Of course, the reason might be that you do not want to be dependent on only the job income. You want to find more sources to get money from. That is perfectly fine cause to aim for.

The main question behind the causes is following. Do you desire enough to do everything possible in order to achieve your goal?

If you don’t have the desire, you might begin with a good attitude. It might even last for a fairly long period of time but if you don’t have the burning desire behind your matters, it will eventually collapse – sooner or later.

So right from the beginning, just feel yourself and ask the question. Do I have a burning desire to become a location independent person?


After finding if you got the needed desire, it is almost as important to follow your passion. Whenever you do something you have a passion for, you will do it more efficiently with all the energy you got.

For example, if you have a great passion for baseball, you might want to put a lot of effort in order to be on TV when a game starts. In addition, you might even get into the stadium to watch the event. It actually doesn’t matter whether you play the sport or not, you still give it everything you have.

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What kind of prerequisites do you have?

Prerequisites mean what kind of starting point are you having. Furthermore, it means what kind of situation have you to create in order to begin your transformation. It is much easier to switch your whole lifestyle to location independent if you don’t possess lots of liabilities. Things such as mortgage, car loans, student loan, consumer credit, etc – you’ll get the point.

In that case, it would be wise to get rid of the big interest loans first. Then you’re better preparing of taking the step towards how to become a location independent person.

Also, if you have school-aged children or brick and mortar business, location independence will need some extra care beforehand. You have to make sure your kids get the proper education during the trips. That applies if you want to travel around whenever you want, though.

This isn’t a big problem nowadays since the internet offers a variety of educational possibilities. Moreover, you can find international schools everywhere nowadays – at least within the big cities.

Finally, you have to make sure your business runs properly even if you aren’t there physically.

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UPDATE: Part 2 is live! You can continue to part 2 here.
How to Become a Location Independent - Step 2
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